We now support the ability for you to automatically collect your Instagram photos into Goodbits. This makes it super simple for you to re-use your content in your email marketing channel.

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First of all, a big thank you is in order for any user who reached out to us at some point to share their thoughts and opinions. Your needs, wants, and desires continue to shape our product. We realize the new editor was a significant change for some of you but the overarching theme has been positive and we can’t wait to share with you the many updates we have been working on. Change is the only way to move forward. We are confident that even the harshest skeptics will be fans in the end 😉


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Today we are launching Shopify support, a new component based editor and more. This update will allow us to continue providing the best service for those that need to build emails for their customers or readers.

Component Based Editor


The largest feedback we’ve had has been around our editor and the need to have better image handling, different styles and design. Our new template and editor has that and more.

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Movie Rewind Logo


Movie Rewind, home of the best Netflix release information, movie reviews, and actor profiles, has been around for 6 years but just 8 months ago Sue and her team decided to complement their website by adding a weekly email newsletter, focusing on Netflix releases.

To her surprise and ours, the growth has been consistent and fast. So fast, it’s one of the quickest growing newsletters built on Goodbits and at times, has experienced a 50% week-over-week growth.

What is Netflix Release Updates newsletter’s secret to attracting new subscribers, engaging current ones and in turn increasing website traffic?

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newsletter subscribe


What kind of curated email newsletter would an outdoorsy, tech-inspired marketer living on the Isle of Man create?

An email newsletter that encourages proper life/work balance, one that wasn’t jammed full of links and where the imagery spoke volumes to its simple concept.

Meet, Little Walden — a weekly escape for creatives.

The idea is straightforward: 5 articles, at 5 pm, every Friday.

Let’s learn how this busy Co-Founder finally found the time to curate a free email newsletter, whilst juggling twin daughters and appeasing the urge to ‘run for the hills’.

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Over the last couple of months we’ve been improving Goodbits, your favourite content curation and distribution platform by delivering some great new features — and we’re improving how our pricing model works to provide you with more top-dollar value.


Our New Pricing

Every Pro plan from today (old and new) now allows you to send to 10,000 subscribers weekly. Free plans now have a limit of 200 subscribers.

Sending via MailChimp or the newly released Campaign Monitor are Pro features. It’s no longer free as our team continues to work on the integration with these external email service providers.

We’ve also listened to you and added the Custom Domains for Landing Sites to every Pro plan!

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2015-07-22-curated-newsletters-accelerate (1)

We know that email is not going anywhere but what do studies say?

They agree. If a business wants to accelerate their presence, email marketing is the most effective channel in a marketer’s toolbox.

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Lil_Twitter_bird_logo_  59% of marketers plan to increase their #emailmarketing budgets in 2015. Details here: http://prd.to/1ABTJKa, via @salesforce

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Our focus has always been to make it as easy a pie to collect content, curate and build an email newsletter fast.

However, when it came to actually sending an email newsletter, this simple process became muddled with the additional steps of setting up a sending provider. We were only able to offer up one option — rely on MailChimp’s infrastructure to send all of Goodbits’ emails.

It’s a new day though. And we have exciting news to share with you!
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You’ve got 400 subscribers signed up to your company’s email newsletter — well done!

Every week you and your team carefully collect links and compile them to form a weekly newsletter for your content-hungry subscribers. Time and effort are involved in creating this and it would certainly be a lot more satisfying to see a steady stream of new readers interested in what you have to say. But how do you turn those 400 subscribers to 600? And then those 600 to 900?

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