photo of the goodbits team
Yep, we’re not models.

Now anyone can sign up for Goodbits and start building instant newsletters.

Over the last two months we’ve been hard at work improving, stabilizing
and adding requested features such as using custom Mailchimp template and image capturing.

It’s been fun and interesting to learn how everyone builds their newsletters and what we can do to help. Some people started a newsletter to share interesting links with their team just because the chrome extension made it easy. Others migrated their existing newsletter over to Goodbits to enhance it with images.

Like the recent post from Buffer on content curation we also believe that manual curation is important rather than suggestive algorithms to surface curated content. We started our journey investigating methods to help surface content that would be relevant but quickly learned that to build great newsletters we needed to focus solely on making it easy to collect and build well designed layouts.

Not only have we opened up our service today, but we’ve also added some neat updates too.

Sections. A number of early users have asked for the ability to add links to a section, we’ve listened and delivered. You can now add sections (essentially, categories of links), drag and drop links under them or add links to sections directly from our chrome extension or bookmarklet.

Markdown support. Each block of text, either under a link or the introduction to your newsletter can now be formatted using markdown. This will allow you to easily add links, bold text and even lists if you want. If you don’t know about Markdown take a look at this documentation.

Manual image uploading. Sure we can easily grab and make a thumbnail from webpages but sometimes that doesn’t look good. You can now upload an image of your choice and we will correctly host it for your email.

Some of you have asked about pricing. We will be charging for our service and there will be an always free plan for those that use our product lightly. For now, we’re happy to continue offering Goodbits for free while we further refine the service and speak with you on what your needs are.

Currently Goodbits is sending out 25,000 newsletters a week and growing. We have seen a steady stream of signups and healthy amount of feedback. If you would like something we don’t offer to help build your newsletter reach out and tell us.

On a personal note working on Goodbits makes me smile every morning, and working with the great team we have is brilliant. We’re looking forward to speaking with you about newsletters and further improving our product.