This week just keeps on getting better for those of you building newsletters with Goodbits. Earlier this week we released our Firefox and Safari extensions, and today we’re happy to announce the ability to save links via email.

email screenshot

We’ve had a number of our customers request the ability to save from Pocket, Flipboard and social media applications like Twitter on their mobile phone, so we’ve given every newsletter their own inbox and email address.

Simply share via email from your favourite application and use the Goodbits newsletter’s email address.

The link is added to your current newsletter with a fetched title and description. If your newsletter is using images, we’ll also fetch a thumbnail image for each link.

To start sending links via email, visit your newsletter in Goodbits, find the email address below the editor and add it to your phone or email client’s address book.

Have fun! And let us know of any improvements you’d like or issues regarding this new feature.