Derek Shanahan is a boss — the Director of Marketing at Playerize and the creator of their weekly newsletter SuperRewards. His job is to grow the publisher side of the business, which means a heavy focus on helping developers and game makers grow both audience and revenue. One of the easiest ways to reach a huge audience is to build brilliant newsletters, with the help of Goodbits. Read further to learn Derek’s (DS) secrets for collecting relevant content and publishing Playerize’s weekly newsletter, SuperRewards.

GB: What is your newsletter about?
DS: It’s about growth and monetization for game and app developers. We curate useful articles from the community on a weekly basis to highlight insights and stories from people and companies around the world.

Super Rewards

GB: What was the process like before you were introduced to Goodbits?
DS: We used more of a manual process, basically. We collectively grabbed articles throughout the week in a Google Doc; it’s shared around the team and a final batch of links are manually dropped into Mailchimp before I send it.

GB: That sounds collaborative but laborious! Where do you find content?
DS: Our team follows 200+ industry blogs and sources, including major outlets and individual developer’s blogs. I personally use Newsblur for RSS feeds, but others on the team use Feedly and such. I also use Quibb quite a bit, which is an excellent place to find some of the best content in tech, gaming and development, so a lot of our finds come from the community there. We’ve also put effort into a strong Follow List on Twitter, which surfaces pieces throughout the week.

GB: Historically, what were the pains when building your newsletter?
DS: Team members forgetting to put great links in our Google Doc. Dropping links into Mailchimp (interface is rather cumbersome). Having to do anything more than just summarize and send at the point at which it comes time to assemble the email.

GB: It appears that Goodbits has streamlined this process by enabling your team to quickly communicate content by adding links via the extensions and preparing SuperRewards, editor-free. Hooray! But are there any features you wish someone would find a solution for when building newsletters?
DS: The #1 no brainer feature I can’t believe isn’t solved right now is referral incentives and tracking. Simple viral mechanism.

GB: That’s a great feature; we’ll look into that! Now tell us your favourites, Derek — Twitter handle; website; newsletter you love; and a must read.
DS: I’d recommend following @kurt_vonnegut. A website I visit often is: A favourite newsletter of mine is Caitlin Dewey’s Links and a book I love is Golden Finch.

Product Hunt

Thanks, Derek, for your time and insight on how the team’s using Goodbits! We love that we’re allowing easy “throughout-the-week” curation by cutting down on review and editing time.

Would you like to receive awesome content about growth and monetization for game and app developers? Sign up for SuperRewards. See what Derek’s talking about and try Goodbits for your own newsletter. Full of awesome content, of course. Take me to Goodbits!

Derek’s pretty interesting; see what he’s up to or start following him on Twitter — there’s a reason 19 thousand people are already doing it – he’s a boss!