We’ve been busy tinkering away on Goodbits to make it even easier to compile great content and ship it to your subscriber’s inboxes.

A huge win this week is the ability to preview how your newsletter will look on smaller-screened devices:

Goodbits w/ Mobile Preview

We still recommend sending a test email to your phone and double-checking that everything looks the way you’d like it to!

You can now send your newsletter or build your campaign in MailChimp right from the Preview page. (ka-boom!)

New Mobile Template

Also, for quite a while we’ve been unenthused by how tiny the text and images would appear on Apple and Android phones when using our minimalist Goodbits template. After fiddling with the technical doodads and pulling the proverbial levers, we’ve come out with something we’re much more happy with:

comparing the old mobile layout to the new
Everything is tiny! Lemme break out my spectacles …                     … ahh! much better.

We spend an exhausting amount of time testing that templates work properly with newsletters of all shapes and sizes in Apple’s Mail, Gmail, Airmail, Mailbox, Thunderbird1.… Eudora1.… you name it. To ensure things look great, we also test the templates using MailChimp’s Inbox Inspector (powered by Litmus). The new template also fixes an outstanding issue we’ve had with Mobile Outlook. Yes, we even sink time into testing the spiritual successor of MS Hotmail:

comparing the old Outlook.com mobile version with the new
Old one on the left is gigantic, new one on the right fits like a glove.

In other news, we recently set Goodbits up so you can add content to your newsletters from your phone or tablet and via our new Safari and Firefox extensions.

1. Just kidding, we don’t bother testing Thunderbird or Eudora 🙂