Goodbits’ tagline is “Now Anyone Can Create Brilliant Emails in Minutes” but Thomas Kjemperud isn’t just anyone. At the age of 17, when most teenagers were playing Grand Theft Auto*, shooting, stealing and bleeding away their formative years, Thomas was starting his own company. This speaks volumes to how early the entrepreneurial seed was planted. Eight year later, it continues to grow and get cultivated (check out his rap sheet on Linkedin). Currently he is involved in the startup scene, worldwide, but particularly enjoys spending time in the San Francisco Bay Area, learning from proven serial entrepreneurs. In between all that, Thomas (TK) curates a weekly newsletter called Startup Letters.

GB: So what is your newsletter about?
TK: Startup Letters is my way of sharing insights from proven entrepreneurs to people just starting their journey in the startup world. I also share relevant tools, resources, events, and so on.

Startup Letters

GB: Sounds interesting. How were you building your newsletter before?
TK: Before Goodbits, I had set up a fairly streamlined system based on Pocket, IFTTT, Tumblr, RSS and Mailchimp. Very easy to use, but I was not 100% happy about how it looked in the newsletter.

GB: Oh, so our product has helped with the aesthetics of your newsletter?
TK: Yes, that has mostly been solved by Goodbits.

GB: Nice. So check for Goodbits helping with the layout of your newsletter but are there any other reasons you are enjoying product?
TK: Yes, I like how easy and streamlined it is to add descriptions and thumbnails to entries, and how nice the result is. Also the integration with Mailchimp themes is very helpful.

GB: We think so too. What is the process now when collecting content for Startup Letters?
TK: The way I now do it is adding content from newsletters and blogs to Pocket. Then I “favorite” the best articles in Pocket and they get sent straight into Goodbits, thanks to your awesome email inbox feature and IFTTT.

GB: That’s a cool hack! So is the bulk of your time spent collecting content for Startup Letters?
TK: Mostly that and adding good descriptions in Goodbits. After that I just check that everything looks nice in Mailchimp and the newsletter is on its way!

GB: Nice! Are there any features you wish someone would find a solution to when building newsletters?

TK: Doing the whole thing, or at least most of it, offline.

GB: Yes, that would be helpful. 
Now Thomas, you’re a well traveled man, exposed to all sorts of fascinating people from around the world, who should everyone be visiting, following and reading? What are your recommendations?
TK: I visit a lot.
GB: Just like Derek, from Playerize; another fan of!
TK: Yes, they’re great. If you’re going to follow anyone on twitter, follow @DanielleMorrill. As far as newsletters go, Hacknewsletter is my favorite. And I would recommend reading Hooked by Nir Eyal and Ryan Hoover.

danielle screenshot

GB: Consider them visited, followed and read!

We appreciate you taking the time to let us in on how you’re using Goodbits, Thomas. We’re stoked that we’ve helped streamline the process of creating Startup Letters.

If you’re curious about what Thomas deems interesting, sign up for his curated newsletter. Thomas does a lot of country-hopping, so if you’d like to see where he rests his head currently, follow him or find out more about him on his blog. Keeping up with his not-just-anybody persona, he’s currently traveling around South and South-East Asia, meeting up with entrepreneurs and other intriguing people.

*video games are super rad and I have nothing against them. It’s just that I wasted my teenage years playing them when I could have been creating a company :/