We love to save and share content at Goodbits — it’s kinda our thing! And we love to learn about easier, time-saving tips to make our lives and our customers’ lives easier to collect and curate content for their newsletters. So this is why we got so much delight from a recent blog post of one of our customers, Thomas, letting us in on a little IFTTT hack he uses to simplify his collection-process.

As it stands, it’s pretty easy to build a newsletter in Goodbits. You go to your favorite site, like “cuteoverload.com”, you find an adorable link about a-bunny-and-a-cat-that-didn’t-know-they-were-a-bunny-and-a-cat-but-become-BFFs, click your Goodbits extension and voila — it’s sent straight to your upcoming weekly/monthly newsletter. Easy. Peasy.

But what if you prefer to pool all of your cool content together in one central place that supports limitless links and then pick and choose what to use on any given newsletter? If that’s the case, then Thomas’ IFTTT recipe is right up your alley.

First off, what is IFTTT? IFTTT (If + This + Then + That) is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. For example, you can bake up a recipe to get a notification on your phone of weather conditions each morning before you even have to yard out those Hunters. So IF your weather app (THIS) says it’s going to rain, THEN your IOS Notifications (THAT) will send a text with the details based on a trigger you set up (8 AM + every day). Pretty cool, huh?

So back to the ingredients that make Thomas’ IFTTT recipe work for collecting content for his newsletter. First, if you haven’t already, sign up with Pocket. Second, get an IFTTT account and then last, grab the recipe Thomas whipped up below.

Pocket —> Goodbits newsletter

We’ve also brewed up a couple of our own recipes to help you collect content from different sources other than Pocket:

Twitter Favorites —> Goodbits newsletter

Buffer —> Goodbits newsletter

Why not try creating your own recipe to share? There can never be too many chefs in the IFTTT kitchen! And don’t forget to let us know if you do.

Now if only I could tell my Instagram app to tell my Facebook app to always filter me beautiful in those #tags – ug!