We’ve been busy at work this summer listening to the Beach Boys and all your feedback about building newsletters with our service. We found that we need to slightly change how we’re doing things. We’re now going to provide you more power in collecting and curating content for your business with our most recent feature release.

Collect and Curate More Goodbits

We’ve been asked by users if there was a way to save content for future issues; this new feature will allow users to do just that!

Now, all content you collect from the web, RSS or email is placed in the Queue. From this queue, you’re able to drag the content you want into any issue or save it for future issues. This separation means you can collect more content than just for your current upcoming issue.

In the future, we’ll be releasing the ability to add content for future issues to better help plan and schedule content in your marketing strategies.

queue screenshot

Automated Sources – RSS Feeds

We’ve realized that teams want to easily collect content from their blogs and use it to build their newsletters, so we’ve added the ability to add RSS feeds. Goodbits will grab the new posts, fetch an image thumbnail and make it ready to go!

You can even use this feature to pull in other relevant feeds that could be used to build your newsletters.

rss screenshot

If that is not awesome enough, we’re currently working on team member collaboration so anyone on your team will be able to add to the Queue, add their Twitter favourites, and more. This is going to be far simpler than using the IFTTT Recipes that some of you are using. If you would like us to integrate a specific source that will help you, let us know!

New Design

We’ve used this release to introduce improvements to the look and feel of our lovely app. I’m sure you’ll notice when you log in next.

Our objectives were to make use of more space in the application and give the colors a refresh. We use an iterative design process, so you’ll see more tweaks and changes over the coming weeks but nothing too drastic.

design screenshot

One caveat, while making everything easier for you we removed the ability to add a link directly to a section of your current issue. This functionality will return in the next couple of days. (sorry ‘bout that!)

We are super happy to share this work with you and hope you like all the changes. What do you think?