Building newsletters can be a pain. That’s why we started Goodbits. We allow email marketers, community managers and social experts to easily click one button and capture the content they want for their email newsletters. Then, simply drag and drop the collected content into their template of choice and click send; curating lovely newsletters with photos and descriptions in minutes.


We aren’t stopping there. We want to help teams of marketers, community managers and experts do this. Today we’re announcing Team support for collecting and building newsletters with Goodbits.

team collab

Excellent curated newsletters composed of content your readership want to engage with are rarely built by just one person. Instead, they are compiled and thought on by a number of individuals in teams and companies.

Everyone’s Invited

You can invite as many team members as you’d like to work on your newsletters. Invited members have full access to all features, and there’s no limits while we’re in beta. They will have the ability to save links using a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox or Safari), adding blogs or RSS feeds and as send links via email to Goodbits.

By inviting different experts in your organization, your newsletters will be more relevant with what is on par for each department.

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Save Time

Save time by always being in the know. Log into your team account and see what’s waiting in the queue. Having one central place allows members to see what stage they’re at with building the team newsletter, what links have been added or even who is on the team!

The SuperRewards team follows 200+ industry blogs, RSS feeds and their Follow List on Twitter to curate email newsletters. Team members used to use a shared google doc to add their links. The process was very manual and problems arose: at the top of the list was team members forgetting to add their great finds throughout the week. This new feature abolishes the headache of collection and saves a ton of time!

Upcoming Features

Coming up next, you’ll be able to further customize the design of your newsletters with a new 2-column template.

We’re also working on a public archive page where your readership will be able to easily read the current and past issues in their browser, as well as subscribe to your list. This will be an optional feature which you will need to enable.