When we started Goodbits, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for everyone to create
email newsletters. The first template we launched with was just as simple. It had a list of
links, and each link had an image and description.

We learned that this one-column layout didn’t work great on mobile. So today,
we’re excited to introduce Splendour. Splendour is a better looking (in our
humble opinion) template designed as a 2-column layout when your
subscribers are reading your email on their desktops, which
collapses to a stacked 1-column layout when they’ve gone mobile.

The new logo for the new Splendour Template (new!)


So Amazing!

Splendour also supports widescreen images, which are easy to collect while cropping images from around the web with the Goodbits browser extension.

So how do you start using Splendour today? In Goodbits, click the Settings gear on the left-hand sidebar, navigate to the Templates page, and choose Splendour from the template choices:


How to configure the new template


Customize To Your Heart’s Content

You will also find a new sidebar full of settings for your currently chosen template. New settings include more color customization, as well as social links for your Facebook Page, your Twitter account, etc. which appear in the footer of your emails:

Advanced template settings (showcasing design colours, social links, etc)


Social links displayed in your email template like so:

Resulting social icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc)


We’d Love to Hear From You!

We’re looking forward to adding more new templates down the road, so let us know what you’d like to see in the new templates! And thanks for all of your continued support. 🙂