Perhaps you’re wondering — Why do I need to send an email newsletter? I have a Facebook and a Twitter account set up already.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company,

“Emails are 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined for customer acquisition.”

Forty times!

There are many different services to write your email newsletter but we’re going to outline how easy it is to send regular emails using Goodbits, our service that is designed for easy collection and newsletter building in minutes.


Getting  Started

  1. Visit
  2. Enter in your name, email address and password
  3. Your account is created!

Next, you’ll go through a short tutorial showing you how to:

  • name your new newsletter
  • collect content for it
  • add RSS feeds
  • set up a template
  • and more!

Adding  Your  Subscribers

Image Credit: tomoswyn | Flickr


Start adding subscribers! Sign up to a Mailchimp account (if you haven’t already).

This integration allows you to:

  • select a mailing list you’d like to send your final email to
  • re-use any existing template your business has
  • create the weekly email campaign and send it for you

We are in the process of adding more Email Delivery Services, like Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, SendGrid, as well as having the ability to add a subscriber list to your Goodbits account.


Attracting  More  Subscribers

So you’ve got this great email newsletter set up but hardly any subscribers. How do you attract more?

  1. Learn the persona of your customer/subscriber and make sure the content you collect is relevant to them, as well as the newsletter’s theme. Goodbits will provide analytics on what links are getting clicked on most — this will help you see what people are interested in.
  2. MailChimp integrations that allow subscribers to join by text, via a popover button or on your Facebook page will help bulk up your list.
  3. Incentivize. Offer up something in return for an email address. A handy guide or a chance to win something cool.
  4. Set up a voting post where readers need to enter in their email addresses to find out the results.
Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.42.24 PM

Clean your lists up based on who bounced, unsubscribed, or who complained. It’s important to have subscribers that are engaged.

Features  Galore

Signed up with Goodbits — check.  Have your Mailchimp account integrated — check. Have a handful of useful tips to attract subscribers — check. Now let’s dig a little deeper into Goodbits’ features and how they’re going to help you build a brilliant newsletter in minutes.

  • Team Collaboration: this feature allows you to invite team members to a newsletter
    • super helpful for a couple of reasons: two or more people collecting content saves time and diversifies the information gathered
  • Extensions: easily collect content with browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox or add a bookmarklet
    • see a link you like, click your browser extension and it automatically is added to your queue
  • Queue:  think of this as a bucket for all of the content collected
    • drag and drop links into your newsletter from your queue or even leave the content there for future newsletters
  • RSS feeds: add an RSS feed to your Goodbits newsletter
    • have a company blog or favourite site you love receiving blog posts from? adding an RSS feed will instantly populate your queue when a new post is published
  • Multiple Newsletters:  if you have a company newsletter and a personal newsletter, easily manage both
  • Templates:  use Goodbits’ templates or Mailchimp’s
    • two beautiful Goodbits templates to choose from, allowing you to look like a pro without formatting
    • use your already created MailChimp template
    • no fiddly HTML editor


Creating your first email newsletter has never been easier. Give Goodbits a try now!