Any tweet or facebook post you Buffer will now be ready and waiting for your next newsletter. Whether that be for MailChimp or another sending provider we support.

At Goodbits we are big fans of Buffer, a service that allows you to queue up content you want posted out to Social Media networks, like Twitter and Facebook. We also love how their company is open and transparent, something we are learning to do too.

To date, we’ve made it easy for marketers to build their newsletters by allowing their teams to collect content with a browser-based extension and RSS sources, like a Wordpress blog. Our queue then easily allows you drag and drop the collected content into a designed template and then click send. Simple.

Now, anything you queue for your social media strategy with Buffer will be in the queue ready and waiting for your newsletter.Kalv_s_weekly_newsletter_-_Goodbits


To get your Buffer profiles connected simply:

  1. Visit your newsletter settings and under sources click on the ‘Add Buffer Profiles’
  2. Select which accounts you’d like us to sync with
  3. We’ll then extract the link from a post, fetch a thumbnail, title and description ready for you to drag onto your next newsletter

If you don’t have an account, sign up for free and build regular email campaigns in minutes.