At its simplest, Buffer is a tool that helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once, quickly allowing you to schedule content at any given time. But this app offers a gamut of other hidden features that you might not be utilizing. Here are 10 ways to get the most out of your Buffer App.


1 | Team Collaboration

Invite your whole team to the social-sharing party! Anyone can manage the account from all devices. In Buffer’s case, I’m pretty sure Kevan Lee is doing it all!


2 | Browser Extensions

Use Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions to share URLs. They have iPhone and Android apps as well. It’s just too easy to share! There’s a reason they are consistently mentioned as a top browser extension by knowledge-sharing communities, like Quora.


3 | Extra Security

If you’re worried about getting your account hacked, don’t fret, my pet. Buffer offers an extra layer of security by providing a two-step authentication process. Log in the normal way + have a code sent to your phone to log in again; doubling up on your peace of mind. Probably not a feature for everyone but if this is a concern, it’s a nice perk.


4 | Predicting the Best Time to Post

Place content in your queue and Buffer will give you the option to post your content at ideal times for your network, using their magic algorithm.


5 | Highlight and Post

If you have the browser extension installed, you can highlight text and make a quote out of it and auto-populate your Buffer post!

  • Highlight this text:

 I’m not sure which tool I love more — @buffer or @goodbitsio!

  • Right click on it and find ‘Buffer Selected Text’ on the drop-down menu
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 6.45.51 AM


  • Click it and you’ll be redirected to Buffer where you’ll find your next post to Twitter or Facebook all queued up!


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 6.46.45 AM


  • Try it with images too!


6 | RSS Feeds

Buffer will pull in the latest articles from whichever sites you choose, and you can decide which links to add to your queue and share with your followers. This is awesome because you will continually have fresh content to choose from and post. Note: must be on ‘The Awesome Plan’.


7 | Drag n’ Drop Updates to Other Accounts

You can now easily copy updates from your Twitter account to your Facebook account in Buffer — no more duplicating of efforts. Have an older post that received a lot of love? Breathe new life into and post it again by dragging and dropping it back in your queue.


8 | Deep Social Analytics

Get detailed analytics on how much love you actually received.



9| Keyboard Shortcuts

Some people prefer to use their keyboards to perform tasks, so Buffer added a handy list of keyboard shortcuts.

  • Use “alt + b” to open the Buffer share box
  • Use “alt + b” on any website to open the Buffer browser extension
  • Use “ctrl + enter” (“cmd + enter” for Mac) to add updates to your Buffer
  • Use “alt + (number)” to switch between your profiles


10 | Suggestion Feed by Buffer

If you don’t have time to find great links, allow Buffer to suggest a handful of curated links daily. You’ll receive suggestions via email and when you log into your account. There really isn’t a reason to not have a fat and full Buffer account!

Blushing Fans

Goodbits has just a tiny crush on the Buffer app! Really, it’s like the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend. It does what you ask it to do (scheduling), it gives you feedback on how the partnership is going (analytics + suggestions on relevant post ideas), only allows you to use it (two-step login) and simply, makes your life easier! Awww…♥