Go fishing, enjoy your sleep or get other work done while your subscribers receive your email newsletters at any time you schedule them.

Plan Out Multiple Email Newsletters

You and your team found a plethora of fantastic links but there’s just too many for one issue? Start dragging and dropping links into future issues. Heck, get five new issues ready to go and scheduled.



Schedule to Send On Different Dates and Times

Scheduled, you say? We do!

This new feature is somewhat like Buffer¬† — manage multiple e-newsletters at once and then quickly schedule the content to send on different days and times.

When an issue is ready to go out but you’d rather not deliver it until 9am the next morning, schedule it and we’ll take care of the delivery!

We hope these two new features – the ability to have multiple pending newsletters + our new scheduling feature allow you more freedom to do the things you don’t have the ability to schedule…like life!

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