What? You don’t have 10 hours in the day to keep up with…Facebook adding a scheduling feature for business pages, Twitter allowing rich media, aka, animated GIFs or the importance of growth hackers?

Well, you don’t have to. These five fab newsletters are chock full of the marketing info you’re looking for. Someone else has done the work for you — now sit back and wait for the latest news to land in your inbox.


1. Hubspot



We have learned so much from Hubspot and have re-shared, retweeted, reread and then pocket‘d so many of their newsletters and blog posts.

Receive daily emails (don’t be scared, it’s good stuff!) and click the content you’re interested in. You’ll be taken to their beautiful site to read the full posts and also have access to layers and layers of marketing topics. If you come across one of their infographics, they’re so good you’ll have no choice but to share.


2. Seth Godin



This guy’s middle name might as well be marketing. And you can’t help but believe everything he says because he markets himself so well! His newsletter is full of concepts and ideas that are tested and backed; he’s a best selling author for a reason.

If you like to consume your content visually, check out his Modern Marketing Workshop.


3. Content Marketing Institute



Articles from Content Marketing Institute are enlightening, for sure, but another great perk of signing up for these newsletters is to stay in the know. ‘Save your spot’ for free webinars, learn about all the conferences in your area and gain access to free e-books.


 4. Rebecca Coleman



Rebecca is a blogger, teacher and social media marketing strategist. She’s written books and teaches classes on blogging, social media and marketing. I took one, and it was fabulous!

Wait for her newsletter to arrive with timely updates of changes on all your favourite social share sites or dive in deep and go directly to her website to start accessing marketing ideas now — there’s 80 blog posts alone on the subject.


5. Sean Ellis



Rounding this list up is Sean Ellis. Sean’s an entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor.

Everyone wants a piece of his time because he’s a marketing guru. His blog, Startup Marketing, is geared for startups, however, the majority of these teachings can be applied to any stage of a company.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of watching one of his talks at CTA Conf about Unlocking Your Company’s Growth Engine. It’s good — check it out!


Tapping into the knowledge base of these 5 newsletters will make you feel more confident in your own marketing prowess. The flux that happens in this ever-evolving space will no longer seem overwhelming. These groups live and breathe this stuff and love to share. Sign up and check your inbox today!

Have we missed your favorite marketing newsletter? Leave us a comment.