At Goodbits, we love to experiment with tools that help us manage day-to-day tasks and streamline processes that don’t need to be so manual.

Here are our favorite tools for 2014:

Team Tools

These are tools that the whole team uses to stay connected.

Slack — is a platform for team communication

We work in an open environment so interrupting a teammate with issues or questions doesn’t make sense for the collective group. Slack allows the team to send direct messages or group messages and get answers faster than if you sent an email. All documents shared are stored and accessible for future need. They have a great mobile app too. Oh, and they support both emojis & GIFs!


Google Spreadsheets — create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets

We use spreadsheets almost daily. Guestlists, social media stats, leave tracking and ideas of all sorts live here. Share and collaborate with your co-workers. Nothing appeals more to type-A personalities than a document with a default framework of structure!

Hackpad — take collaborative notes, share data and files, and use comments to share your thoughts in real-time

We love the simplicity of Hackpad. We use it for creating numbered lists, throwing down new blog post ideas or brainstorming team events. The best part is the ability to add a team member or client to the document to collaborate and add comments. A great ‘first-draft’ type of space. Recently acquired by Dropbox.

Trello — a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards

Trello gives us a snapshot on what’s being worked on, who’s working on it, and what stage of the process it’s in. It’s like Basecamp but easier to visually understand and much cheaper, as in forever-free.

Meldium — makes it simple for companies to maintain all of their apps on one automatic login platform

This tool is great because it’s the easiest way to get a new team member up to speed on all the apps we use, plus insta-login rights.


1Password — allows you to securely use one master password to access all your web accounts, credit card data, and online identities

The best password tool out there. Remember one master password and this app will save the hundreds of passwords you have for all the sites you visit. It also allows you to generate crazy alpha-numerical passwords and use these for future sites you need to create passwords for.

Music — is amazing

We need to round off this team collaboration section by mentioning the music apps we love — Spotify and Songza, our go-to favorites. We’re definitely not the type of office where you can hear a pin drop. We have music playing all day, either on our office sound system or in our headphones. Life is simply better with music.


Support Tools

These are tools that help deliver top-notch customer service.

Mixpanel — analyzes the actions people take in your application

We see every step that a new user takes — from sign-up, to saving their first link to sending their first newsletter. We also use it for transactional emails.

Errbit — collecting and managing errors from other applications

Open source project that easily can be hosted in Heroku. We use this to capture all errors with our product and notify the developers of issues. This has allowed to us to pro-actively fix issues for our users before them knowing about the problem.

HelpScout — a web-based help desk designed for a great customer experience

Have a comment, idea or issue? Send it to These emails go to HelpScout which enables us to answer all of your inquiries. We’re all about email so we do email based support!


Dashing — the exceptionally handsome dashboard framework

Dashing is another open source project we love. Originally built by the team at Shopify to help build great looking dashboards, we deployed it so that we can monitor the numbers that relate to our Goodbits product. This helps us again by being pro-active with growth, noticing spikes of user adoption and reminding us to reach out to them to find out if we can help further.

Time Management Tools

These are tools that help manage our time.

Todoist — an online and mobile task manager for personal productivity

Todoist has made leaps and bounds from previous versions. The usability is off the charts — everything you want a task-taker to do. Know exactly what you need to do each day, click off items as you complete them and get a sense of deep accomplishment. Rinse and repeat.

Buffer — manage multiple social media accounts at once

We’re big fans of Buffer. I mean, they featured us on their blog! How can we not have a little crush on them?

We’re on the ‘Awesome Plan’ which allows us to have RSS feeds. We have so much good content funneling in and are able to fill up a week’s worth of scheduled content for our social sites. Such a time-saver.

Pivotal Tracker — for software project management

If you don’t follow our product updates, we try to deliver improvements to Goodbits weekly and to do this well we need something to help plan our product work with the team. Pivotal was one of the first project planning tools to help plan work in an agile way, we find it helps us write good user stories.



These are tools that help us express ourselves creatively.

Dribbble — creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects

If you appreciate design, go to this site and get lost. So much talent, it’s mind-blowing. You’ll find work from web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and high caliber GIFs galore. Members of our team visit this site for design ideas and inspiration.

Giphy — small animations and low-resolution film clips

We’re big nerds about GIFs. They make their way in our emails, Slack chats, Twitter updates and our blog posts. There is a GIF for any occasion on Giphy.

Rachael Bilson showing a hammer and drill GIF

This lady knows her tools!

We’ll quickly add that we use SketchPhotoshop and Illustrator regularly to manipulate photos, make GIFs and create unique vector art.

Blog Posts Tools

These are tools that help us create a blog post like this.

WordPress — easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system

This is the tool we use to create and publish Goodbits’ blog posts. Known to most, but if you are new to blogging look no further than WordPress — it has all the features you’ll ever need.

Grammarly — checks your spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

I think only one of us uses this app but I don’t see why more people don’t. This tool sits in the background and gives suggestions on spelling and grammar. It help you appear real edumacated.


Spruce — make Twitter-ready images in seconds

Literally seconds. Choose your free image, type the text you’d like on top and download. EASY.

Tip: No need to refrain yourself to just creating images for Twitter. The free images we find on Spruce are used in our blogposts, FB posts and for personal use.

CloudApp —  is the quickest and easiest way to share any file, screenshot, screencast and links

This tool’s main use is for grabbing screenshots or creating tutorial type GIFs. We’ve used CloudApp in most of our blog posts where there is a need to explain a new feature.

Your Turn

We’re pretty grateful for these amazing tools that help us support our customers, keep our team connected, inspire us and enable us to do more with less time. Not to mention the ability to blog about it and give you ideas of new tools to try!

What are some of the tools you can’t live without?