If you have shelter from nature’s elements, heat to warm your body and food consistently in your belly, you are one of the fortunate ones.

We’re not all so lucky. In fact, Vancouver’s homeless has doubled from last year. So, besides the shelter and warmth, the most basic need of all, food, was a struggle to find day-to-day.

How Many People Does That Affect?

For the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFBS), that translates to assisting 28,000 people weekly and more over the holiday. And this is just one of the fine organizations helping the needy.

That’s a big load carry! But they couldn’t do it without the help from the community, and this includes the startup community.




Startups Care

Aptly named, Startups Care, took it upon themselves to rally the startup community and raise awareness of the need for food and supplies. They did such a great job that more than 40 companies have proudly answered the call and donated money, set up food boxes in their offices or volunteered to help with the pickup and delivery of food collected for the GVFBS.

Here are some of the lovely companies participating.


Mouthy Mixer

We decided we needed to be a part of such a wonderful initiative so we threw a ‘Mouthy Mixer’ in hopes of collecting a few items for donation. We had a keg chilling, provided a few light snacks, and invited our friends from the startup & tech community to toast each others’ good fortune. All we asked for was a donation to help feed a hungry mouth.

And BOOM — our donation box was full!


Would You Like to Help?

You don’t have to be a startup to care! But if you’re a business or individual who’d like to participate, you can:

  1. Register with Startups Care and start collecting cans of food and non-perishables (only 4 days left!)
  2. Donate money to Startups Care — 100% of money collected will go to the GVFBS
  3. Raise awareness by tweeting this out before December 15th
  4. Join Homeless Partners for their pledge day on December 19th #pledgeday2014
  5. 10+ other ideas on how you can make a difference to Vancouver’s homeless