Merry Giftmas!

We reached out to 40+ marketing experts asking them for their #1 marketing tip and collected the best 24. Throughout the month of December, we’ve been tweeting and posting these tips on our Facebook feed, as a part of our advent calendar marketing campaign.

Our gift to you is the most delicious, almost-as-good-as-mashed-potatoes-&-gravy, marketing tips collected from some of our favorite friends.

This may not be a gift you can put under the tree but to quote Dr. Suess,


Our Little More

So instead of just going through the list, we’ve compiled them all up in a nifty one-pager you can print out for yourself or share with a friend. Need a little inspiration for your next marketing strategy? Just read a couple of these quotes from the experts and they’re bound to stir up some brilliant ideas; this isn’t their first sleigh ride, kids!

Sneak peek:


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 Common Tip Themes

Once you go through all the tips, you’ll start to see some common themes arising.

Being authentic and real, is one.

Ryan Hoover, from Product Hunt says,

“Be personable and talk like a human. :)”

And Crystal Henrickson says,

“Personalization and personality, done with real heart, is one key to unleashing an authentic strategy.”

Treating your customers with respect is another.

Danny Robinson says,

“Pick a small group of customers and give them white glove, hands-on, 24/7 service.”

Jay, from Picatic, expands and says,

“…get out of the office to meet, listen and understand your customers!”


Personalization, Authenticity & Goodbits

When we decided to do this campaign, we didn’t expect that there would be so many tips leaning towards the life side of the spectrum and less about hard marketing rules. It’s interesting – people nowadays seem to be craving that authentic interaction that makes them feel special and cared for; not just a number.

At Goodbits, we couldn’t agree more!

As a company, we love to include the human element in all our interactions. This manifests itself as personal welcome emails, checking out every new customer’s first newsletter and giving feedback, personalized random gifts and shout-outs on social media. Perhaps this isn’t scalable but for now, it’s the least we can do. We wouldn’t be us, without you!

Goodbits, as a product, is all about curation. By creating your email newsletters, you must sift through and handpick links and articles that you think your subscribers would enjoy. You can’t get much more personal than that!

Your Job Today

Try applying some of these tips into your marketing strategy today!

Well, not today-today. Today your only job is to enjoy the real mashed potatoes & gravy. Maybe a little rum and eggnog too. 🙂