1  conference attended 

The CTA conference was an action-packed day of engaging sessions where we listened to some of the best and brightest minds talk about conversion rate optimization and online marketing.

29  blog posts

Word. A lot of words!

35  customers with the first name, ‘Mike’ / ‘Michael’

Why don’t you be just like Mike and sign up  for a Goodbits account?




50  t-shirts & stickers 

We had 50 limited edition American Apparel t-shirts created and 50 Goodbits stickers made by Sticker Mule.


69  email newsletters sent by our top user

Since signing up, the newsletter ‘Oliver Picks‘, has sent 69 different issues this year!

152  naps

One word: fatboy


160  buffer accounts connected

Content collection has never been easier by adding your Buffer account.


168  cookies baked

14 dozen homemade cookies made by Kalv — yum!


297  tickets

Not parking tickets (phew!) but support requests or feedback discussions. 


321  RSS feeds

RSS feeds were added so teams could easily collect content from their blogs and build their newsletters.

1,087  newsletters

The amount of unique weekly or monthly newsletters sent in 2014.


 1,745  customers

Strong and growing!

1,887  clicks for the most popular link

This was the most popular link published on a Goodbits blog.


2,637  github commits

6 contributors make up this number.

28,964  links collected

Customers collected links by emails, browser extensions, RSS feeds and their Buffer accounts. Of those links, 7,718 were actually used.


71,648  unique clicks of links in the email

Of the 750 newsletters sent (to a subscriber list of more than 10 people), the click rate was 17.8%.



133,523  unique opens of emails

Of the 750 newsletters sent (to a subscriber list of more than 10 people), the open rate was is 58.7%.


617,521  total recipients that received a newsletter built by Goodbits

That’s a lot of email newsletters received!


We’re looking forward to smashing these numbers in 2015!