We’re finding that more and more people these days are sending newsletters curated by teams, as opposed to just a single contributor — see Rails Weekly. Having more than one person contributing can diversify content and in turn, reach a bigger audience. Even after launching our team support, we still get requests for new integrations¬†that allow teams to easily capture what is being read and discussed. One of these involves a¬†favourite team collaboration tool of ours, Slack.



Today we’ve launched our integration support for Slack. Simply head over to your sources and “Connect with Slack”. As we do with Buffer and RSS feeds, we’ll pull the links shared in that channel and queue them up for you and your team to curate for your next newsletter. So if you don’t have time or missed links in your team’s chat channel, they’ll all be there in your Goodbits queue to review later.

(Sssh, you probably saw the new tabs in the screenshot above; yep, we have landing sites and email sending from Goodbits coming soon)