A lot of people will tell you that email newsletters are a waste of time. It takes hours to find the content, to format it beautifully and once the emails are sent, to maintain an engaged subscriber list.

But email newsletters are not going anywhere. And, great content is everywhere. So let’s combine the two! 

Email marketing is hands down the best way to reach a targeted audience.

Highlighted below are 6 different ways Goodbits’ customers are using and abusing email newsletters to achieve their objectives. 

1.  Get more customers with Re-activation Campaigns

Dust off your MailChimp subscriber list. This type of email is excellent for bringing back those customers that might have come to your site previously but never completed any transactions. Companies most often focus too much on their acquisition channels than this area.

Below is an example of a re-activation campaign newsletter by Shopify.


2.  Connect Your Company with Internal Team News

An internal team newsletter would consist of a collection of links that would be pertinent to your company or department. This could include company blog posts, updates of what’s going on internally, or industry news. Whether you work in different departments, different cities or countries, this type of newsletter allows every individual on a team to feel connected with each other.

A collaborative company email newsletter is great but why not take it to a new level and have each department build their own newsletter? By inviting different experts in your organization, your company can dive in deep and really understand what each department is doing.

Also, with our new Slack integration, all the links you share in a specific channel of chat can be sent to your Goodbits queue to add to your next email newsletter.

An example of an internal team newsletter: Tutum Weekly.


3. Repurpose Content with Blog Post Email Newsletters

If you have a blog, chances are you have an RSS feed. This type of newsletter is a collection of already published content and acts as a roundup.

This could be deemed one of the easiest types of email newsletters to build, due to the sheer fact that all the content has been vetted.

But a blog post email newsletter isn’t limited to just your content. Connect feeds of your favourite authors too!

4. Customers are King with E-Commerce Email Newsletters

This e-commerce newsletter campaign is perfect for sending your customers a selection of top selling products sold on your platform. Let them know about any company news here too. This is a great opportunity to state whether there are any upcoming sales or discounts you want to extend.

This particular type of email newsletter is also great to lightly touch your customers and potentially activate old accounts. And it probably will help generate more sales! See, Lululemon‘s example below. (<– please note, they are not a Goodbits customer (yet!))



 5. Go for the Win with a Community & Sports Teams Email Newsletters 

Communities and sports teams are using email newsletters as an effective way to reach their members. This type of newsletter is similar to Internal Team News, except, factor out the corporate aspect.

Communities are building newsletters to introduce new team members, announce upcoming meetings and update each other on relevant industry news.

And if you’re building an email for your sports team, customers are including links to view upcoming tournaments, cost of playing, rules, rankings and sponsorship news. This is a great place to add awesome articles written up about the team. #braggingrights

6. Become a Thought Leader with Personally Curated Email Newsletters 

This type of newsletter is for the thought leader, industry expert or individual who enjoys handpicking each individual link. They know their subscriber list well and understand what they’re expecting. This email newsletter could fall under one theme, like Startup Letters, or could be broken up into different subject matter, like Instanerd.

This is the most powerful newsletter type because subscribers are on board and get excited to read what they receive. This particular type is generally created by one individual, so content is curated with love.




Let Goodbits help you build your first curated email newsletter. It’s FREE! ┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓