In our first episode of Coffee Break, with Kalv, we talk about Customer Validation.

Learn some of the tools that will help engage your customers into conversations, tools we’ve tried and finally, our number one tip to receive loads of feedback from customers.

Take a coffee break and check out this 2 minute nugget of insight.

Tools to Get Customer Validation

Customer engagement and speaking to your real users of a web based product or any physical product is very important. You need to listen very early to see if you are delivering what they are looking for. Are you solving their problem? Is it even a problem worth solving?

There are many different techniques that allow you to do this. Obviously, speaking to your customers is the best way possible. But then as you scale you still want to reach out to the 100s of customers using your product. Digital technologies allow you to do that.

Examples are:

  1. Intercom: shows you who is using your product and makes it easy to personally communicate with them through behavior-driven email and in-app messages
  2. Mixpanel: an advanced analytics platform for mobile and the web
  3. Qualaroo: gives your valuable behavioral insight with the use of pop-up windows

Techniques We’ve Tried

Here at Goodbits, we’ve tried a number of different techniques. We’ve looked at Intercom (we’re big fans of their product!), pop-ups within the app and even generic email messages but found that they’re a bit too “spammy. The audience we’re sending the content to, email marketers — they’re used to these types of communication. They see these messages all the time so they’re less likely to respond. In fact, we didn’t have that much of a response rate using these techniques at all.

The Technique That Worked

What we ended up doing is looking at what kind of copy we’re asking customers and when we’re sending these notes. We used a combination of data captured on where they were in the experience of the application to send an email message. We sent them a question and offered up very simple answers of ‘A, B or C’, with copy associated with each; see below.

We send this email 2 weeks after customers have signed up for the app.


Using this copy in our email messages has given us at least a 20-30% lift in engagement. And what’s even better is that customers feel the need to expand on their reply if they choose letter ‘B’, ‘Yes, but I would use it more if it had ‘X’ feature’. Almost every time they let us know what particular feature they’d like in order to really adopt the Goodbits app.

So the moral of the story is it’s less about the tools used to engage your customer and more about the copy used.

This has been the most effective way for us to learn about what we’re not doing at Goodbits and what we can do to be the best email solution out there.