You’ve got 400 subscribers signed up to your company’s email newsletter — well done!

Every week you and your team carefully collect links and compile them to form a weekly newsletter for your content-hungry subscribers. Time and effort are involved in creating this and it would certainly be a lot more satisfying to see a steady stream of new readers interested in what you have to say. But how do you turn those 400 subscribers to 600? And then those 600 to 900?

With a landing site.

Marketing research shows that adding a landing site to your email newsletter could increase subscriber count by 50%. That’s huge!

What is a landing site?

A landing site is a single web page, unlike a homepage, where you “land” from another source. It is strategic in capturing a visitor’s information and converting them into sales, leads or subscribers.

Quick Sprout explains further:

Landing pages let you narrow your focus and remove the clutter from your pages that could distract your visitor from taking the action you want them to take. It allows you greater control to direct them and help them find what they’re looking for much faster.

A landing site, specifically for an email newsletter, will give you the greatest chance at being shared and found by fresh readers.

Benefits of a landing site for your email newsletter

The main benefit of a landing site is to dial up the growth of your subscriber list! Your publication will be easier to find, to share, to sign-up to and to view content from past issues.


Being a Share Bear and adding social share buttons on your landing site helps grow your subscriber list.


An Archive Section

Having an archive section added to your landing site enables subscribers to view past issues and engage with older content. It also provides valuable SEO potential through search engines finding your past issues. This means you’re doubling up on the value of the work you’ve previously done. Also, it allows potential new subscribers the ability to view past issues and see whether they’re interested in content you’ve been sending.

Sign-up Form

Adding a sign-up form to your newsletter will increase readership because it’s a dead simple call-to-action – ‘Subscribe’. It also allows new people who stumble across your email newsletter to easily sign up.


Your reach is that much farther when you add a landing site to your already branded email newsletter. And it builds further trust with your audience.

Anatomy of a good landing site for email

Below is a screenshot of an email newsletter about protecting your privacy. What this landing site does well is explain the type of content you’ll be receiving and the benefits when you sign up. Also, they added a stunning background image which provides more personality for subject matter that might not be for everyone.


Sign up to Privacy Weekly.
  1. Copy – Explaining what your newsletter is about in a simple manner is key to attracting potential subscribers. Emphasize the benefit the subscriber will have signing up to your email and not your product or service.
  2. CTA – One call-to-action. The obvious one here being ‘Subscribe’ — essential to convert the distracted reader into a subscriber. Sign-up forms above the fold are easiest to find.
  3. Imagery and Branding – There are many ways to create a slick landing site to stay consistent with your brand and message.
    1. Adding beautiful imagery to your landing site appeals to the eye and makes your email newsletter look more reputable. Just make sure the images match up with the copy.
    2. If you prefer a clean, simple site, opt to use your company’s colors and logo from their style guide.
  4. Shareability –  What you can’t see in the image above is social share buttons. Every landing site should include these, especially for an email newsletter. Make it as easy as possible for your current readers to share the goodness with their network.


Landing sites are optional but highly recommended. Most email sending providers will give you the option to use a form to embed on products like Unbounce, but you’ll need to know a little HTML and CSS to make it work and look pretty.

But good news! Sign up to be a Goodbits customer as we’ve launched the ability to add a landing site to your email newsletter. Create one today! This feature is available for all plans — Free, Pro & Business.