Our focus has always been to make it as easy a pie to collect content, curate and build an email newsletter fast.

However, when it came to actually sending an email newsletter, this simple process became muddled with the additional steps of setting up a sending provider. We were only able to offer up one option — rely on MailChimp’s infrastructure to send all of Goodbits’ emails.

It’s a new day though. And we have exciting news to share with you!

Goodbits Growing Up

When we first built Goodbits, MailChimp was the logical solution to integrate with because most of our initial users had existing email subscriber lists and templates there. MailChimp also provided us the required API integration to get our users building their newsletters in the fastest way possible. And they send a lot of emails with a very high deliverability rate. It made sense.

But more and more customers were asking for an alternative delivery service. They didn’t want to sign up for two apps to use our service. Some liked us for our easy collection process but were already paying other services to maintain their subscriber lists and sending.

We always had this as a stopgap on our roadmap too. We wanted to use our own sending solution so we could be an easy, all-in-one tool for email marketers to build their email campaigns.

Sending On Goodbits

So, with great pleasure, we’d like to announce that Goodbits will now offer the option to send straight from our app, without the assistance of another service.

Once you change your sending provider to Goodbits, your workflow for the future consists of:

  1. collecting links
  2. building your email newsletter by dragging & dropping links into the email builder
  3. previewing
  4. and then sending straight from Goodbits. BOOM! Done.

*drops the mic*

This will help you build and send emails even faster than before. But I’m not sure you can beat the current record of AustraliaWow.


Deliverability is a way to measure the success of emails hitting subscribers’ inboxes. We reviewed multiple email sending services and settled on integrating with the best provider to ensure that you get the highest deliverability rate.

And don’t fear, if your preference is to send with MailChimp because you already have subscriber lists set up or a custom template, you’ll have this option too. For customers with subscriber lists already set up in Campaign Monitor or another provider, you’ll still have the ability to link to those lists as well.

Pay As You Grow

Now you’re probably wondering about cost. Sending emails can be expensive, depending on how many you’re sending and how often. But we’ve made pricing pretty simple and easy — pay as you grow, is our motto.

Below is the breakdown of our current three plans, based on a monthly subscription. Yearly subscriptions will nab you an additional 10% off. 



Included on all plans are:

  • a browser add-on
  • integration with existing subscribers list from MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and more
  • scheduling feature
  • landing site
  • and more!

Did we mention there’s a free plan? ^^^ And there always will be. 🙂

Up Next

We’re continuing to make improvements and feature updates. We’re going to be looking further into analytics and plan on showing you what content themes are working across weeks at a time.

If you’ve ever thought about creating an email newsletter, now is the time. Sign up for our free plan and try sending with Goodbits today.