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We know that email is not going anywhere but what do studies say?

They agree. If a business wants to accelerate their presence, email marketing is the most effective channel in a marketer’s toolbox.

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Email is the simplest and quickest way to stay connected with your customers, while building brand awareness. It is one of the cheapest forms of marketing and the ROI is out of this world! And it allows businesses the ability to personalize and segment lists, for even more effectiveness.

But who has the time to come up with copy and content? Where do you start? There are so many tools out there claiming to make this process painless.

Solution: send a curated email newsletter.

Let us show you the ins and outs of how to curate an email newsletter for your business that will accelerate your presence in this busy marketplace.

You’ll learn:

  • What a curated newsletter is
  • Why you should create one
  • How to create an email newsletter
  • Some of our favorites, for inspiration

What is a curated newsletter?

The Word, ‘Curate’

Curate means to select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.

Curated Email Newsletters

When it comes to email newsletters, curated would apply to content around a specific topic.

The Curator would sift through links and articles and handpick the best of the best, in their opinion, and collect them all together to present in an organized format, such as a newsletter.

Besides personally curated emails, there are a lot of different types of curated newsletters.


Example of a Curated Newsletter

<– Mack sends this weekly email newsletter to all of his subscribers interested in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) space. It’s a very specific topic, which is important, because his subscribers have signed up to learn the latest in this space.

He explains the reason he sends and curates an email newsletter,

I curate a weekly newsletter about VR/AR to create value from the hours lost to the dozens of articles I read every week — there’s too much noise and not enough signal. Goodbits lets me share my expertise and that means a lot to me.

This email newsletter has been featured on Product Hunt. Sign up here.



Why create a curated newsletter?

The Curator in All of Us

Does the word ‘curate’ scare you? Maybe you don’t like the pressure of choosing just the right content for an email newsletter? No need. Almost everyone is a Curator.

For instance, just by using social media you’re a Curator — posting pictures and status updates on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter, you’re already curating an online presence. You’re presenting your views on the things that are important and the type of content you and your friends/followers will think is interesting. You’re a Curator!

So why not curate an email newsletter?

Curator Benefits

Like mentioned earlier, if you’re already geeking out on a particular topic, reading article after article, why not share your newfound knowledge with like-minded individuals? Readers love content that’s curated, too. There is so much to read and learn out there that when an individual has gone through the work of pulling together a round-up of their favourite subject, it allows the subscriber to sit back, relax and wait for your newsletter to show up in their inbox.

Having a curated newsletter positions yourself as a thought leader in a particular field, too. By becoming an authority and covering trends and topics on a particular subject matter, you’re seen as an influencer.

As an influencer, you inevitably will bring more visibility to your brand or company as well.

How to create a curated newsletter

Choosing a Topic

The best part is choosing a topic! Are you going to have an email newsletter about cute kittens or will your newsletter contain content that aligns with your company and what your customers want to see?

Things to think about:

      • Aligning your business with the content you send, unless all you want is an email newsletter strictly for personal use (for meow)
      • The value your topic choice brings — are you highlighting content your readers want to see?
      • Picking the themes of content that will relate to your audience and be sure to measure what works for them by the analytics received after your email has been delivered
      • What are the types of articles and content your social network of followers are sharing?
      • Follow people on Disqus and see what blog posts they comment on
      • Quora topics — see what is trending as areas of interests

Monkey Keyboard does a really good job at offering up a super fun, curated newsletter that aligns with their business. 


This newsletter provides value to its subscribers, especially if they identify themselves as an entrepreneur, builder or hacker. They send content related to lifehacks and productivity and they’re able to provide that as a service through their keyboard.

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Building Your Subscriber List

The easiest way to increase subscribers is to have a public landing site for readers to find you. It is strategic in capturing a visitor’s information and converting them into sales, leads or subscribers. A good landing site has a sign-up form, an archive section, and is well branded. If you’re a Goodbits customer, learn how to add a landing site to your email newsletter.

Another tactic is to add social share buttons to your email newsletter template. Make it as easy as possible for your readers to share with their network. And sometimes just asking subscribers if they will share is all that is needed for others to pass along your newsletter.

Gathering Content

There are great tools like Pocket and Evernote that allow you to save articles to review later, however, if you’re using Goodbits, you can eliminate that extra step of populating your email newsletter from one app to another. All content collected, via Goodbits’ browser extension or via email, will go directly into your Goodbits queue to add to your newsletter later.

Adding some of your company’s older blog posts is a great way to add another opportunity for your post to get some traction. Additional, Goodbits customers are able to add RSS feeds of relevant blogs and their company’s blogs to their newsletters to auto-populate their feed.

Connect Slack or Buffer to your Goodbits account. We’ll pull the links shared in your channel or feed and queue them up for you and your team to curate for your next newsletter.

Follow email newsletters with the same theme. No shame in giving excellent content an even farther reach!

Ways to Send

Here are a few ways to send your email newsletter.

  1. Goodbits: That’s right, you can send on Goodbits now! Read this blog post for the details. We’ve made it easier than ever to collect, build and send your email newsletters.
  2. MailChimp: These guys are a great choice to send your email newsletter. They’re a simple email marketing software with easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails. If you’re a Goodbits customer, build your email newsletter with us and then send with MailChimp.
  3. Other: If you’ve built your newsletter with Goodbits, export the HTML for more customization and send with your preferred marketing tool.

Tip: When sending an email newsletter, try and send it regularly — that means, same day, same time. If your subscribers get into the habit of expecting the content, they will remain more loyal and engaged.

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 Lil_Twitter_bird_logo_ Learn all about how to curate an email newsletter to accelerate your business http://bit.ly/1D92pPq

Some of our favorite newsletters

Besides Hammer & Tusk and Monkey Keyboard, here are a few of our favorite newsletters:

  • Hacker News: a weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more
  • Makery Space: an Etsy-related newsletter with information, tips, and news about Etsy
  • Daily Kitten: a new cute kitten picture & story every day at 3:07pm
  • Brain Pickings: the week’s most unmissable articles across creativity, psychology, art, science, design and philosophy
  • Next Draft: the day’s most fascinating news, by Dave Pell
  • SaaS Weekly: a weekly email of useful links for people interested in SaaS businesses, by Hiten Shah
  • Movie Rewind: a list of TV and movies coming to Netflix on both DVD and Instant Streaming
  • Caesura Letters: a daily devotional for life-long learners, critical thinkers, mindful questioners, and other hopelessly inquisitive people
  • Great PM: articles about product management and tips


Email is not over the hill, it’s actually at the top of the hill. If you’re a company, email marketing should be top-of-mind. Start accelerating your business by building an email newsletter today.

Do you have a favorite email newsletter you receive regularly? Share the details in the comments section.