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How are we already in the middle of February? We’re pretty sure time is flying by because our developers and designers have been heads-down, hard at work the last month trying to improve your Goodbits experience!

Let’s take a look at what we released today.

Grow Your Subscriber List with a Sharing Banner

“I have enough subscribers to my email newsletter,” said no one ever!

We think that a branded Sharing Banner is one of the best ways to acquire new subscribers as well as improve your digital reach so we’re excited to offer up this feature to help grow your lists.

How Does a Sharing Banner Work?

Once you enable the banner on your newsletter, any links you send with your issues will open up with an added Sharing Banner. It can be customized to reflect your newsletter brand and contains sharing options for social media channels.

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And when your readers share your content via the Sharing Banner, Goodbits makes sure it’s shared with the banner, so new readers have an opportunity to come across your newsletter and subscribe directly.

Once your newsletter has been sent, see how your banner is performing by viewing its analytics page.

Add Your Voice with Text Blocks

This feature has been requested a lot and with good reason — adding text blocks to your email newsletter allows for a more personable experience. An option for authors to add additional commentary to tell a richer story and guide their readers through their email newsletter.

How to add text blocks to your Goodbits email newsletter.


Assign Different Roles to Team Members

Feedback showed that a lot of you wanted different levels of power or to transfer ownership to different team members so we broke down team member roles to: Owner, Admin, Collaborator.

  • Owner is the original individual who created the email newsletter
  • Admin can now send email newsletters and can contribute links to the newsletter. They cannot transfer ownership of the email newsletter to anyone
  • Collaborators can add links


Team Members Image


We are working on even more granulated control for team members, like allowing some members only the ability to add links and not view subscribers, for instance.

Pocket Integration for Seamless Saving

We use Pocket and so do most of you so we’ve made it easier than ever to save articles from your Pocket account to your Goodbits account. Once set up, the next time you’re reading a great blog post on your mobile device or desktop, save it to your Pocket account. Any links you’d like to share with your next email newsletter, just favourite? them and voilà, they will be waiting in your Goodbits queue the next time you log in.




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