Today we are launching Shopify support, a new component based editor and more. This update will allow us to continue providing the best service for those that need to build emails for their customers or readers.

Component Based Editor


The largest feedback we’ve had has been around our editor and the need to have better image handling, different styles and design. Our new template and editor has that and more.

  • Completely new template. designed to be rendered on all email clients and responsive for mobile applications.
  • Component Driven. Add headers, image banners, different styles of articles & more to give your email a unique layout.
  • Design Customization. Style each area of your email as you wish with fonts & colours.
  • Mobile Live Preview. We’ve kept the live preview and now have a mobile toggle.
  • Improved Thumbnail Support. You can now select, change and crop your thumbnail directly in the editor. When saving a link manually, it will store all images for you to preview when connecting to a component.

This new editor allows us to get closer to releasing the ability for business customers to edit their own template and components.

If you aren’t already using our new editor, simply select “Try the new builder” in the banner on your emails page.

Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

You can now easily integrate your store with Goodbits. The Shopify Integration allows you to build emails using your existing product collections and customers. Published products from your store will be imported into your Goodbits Content Library complete with images and descriptions. Customers will be added as subscribers and will always stay up to date via sync.

For emails not just newsletters

Our service is no longer about just building email newsletters. You can send one off emails if you’d like now. This is why you’ll no longer see issues and newsletter terminology in our interface. You can still use it for simple weekly or monthly issues if you’d like.

Create as many emails as you’d like, schedule them and connect with content you have saved in your content library.

Pricing Change

Today we are also changing our pricing for new customers. Our new pricing is simpler by only charging on your subscriber size, not features. You get unlimited data sources, team members and emails.

Existing customers’ plans will not be changed. Those on our free plan will still be allowed to send to 200 subscribers and even get access to all other features such as team collaborators.

Sign up today for free, trial our service and only start paying when you’re ready to send.

And there’s more

  • Zapier. You will find Zapier under our integrations to hook it up with other services to collect content and add subscribers.
  • Public API. We are providing some with early access for a public API, for those that want to automate more of their emails.
  • Buckets is now called Content Library in the hope that planning your content becomes easier to understand.
  • Performance update. All of our pages load faster and we have increased the stability of our service.

If you’re not already, go ahead and start using Goodbits today to build your emails.