First of all, a big thank you is in order for any user who reached out to us at some point to share their thoughts and opinions. Your needs, wants, and desires continue to shape our product. We realize the new editor was a significant change for some of you but the overarching theme has been positive and we can’t wait to share with you the many updates we have been working on. Change is the only way to move forward. We are confident that even the harshest skeptics will be fans in the end 😉


Adding Content

Two major improvements have been made in regards to the way users add content to emails. First, users now have the ability to choose where they would like their content to reside before adding it. You no longer have to suffer with continually adding content to the bottom of your email and rearranging it later. Second, an affordance has been given to adding from the content library. You can now add content to your newsletters faster than ever! Choose your bits, pick a design and you’re done.



The goals of our users are not always the same. When dealing with future emails, many of you wanted all of your content to be included in your next email while others wanted to start with a blank slate. Our end goal is to introduce a templating system but for the time being we have rolled out an intermediary solution. A toggle switch is now included at the bottom of each content block. Toggling the switch on will persist that content block to your next email. This is extremely useful for items such as social links, headings and advertisements.



We pride ourselves on allowing users to build beautiful looking emails across all devices and clients. Keeping that goal in mind, we have made a couple of improvements. First, users can now change font sizes of their content. Navigate to the design tab to give it a shot. We’ve also rolled out a new content block that is compatible with the content library and doesn’t contain any images. It’s called “Title & Text”. Great for those users who like to include links without imagery.

Thanks again for being such a wonderful community. Please, never hesitate to provide your feedback. We rely on it to build a better product. For those users who rolled back to the old editor or haven’t given the new one a shot, we highly advise you switch now. It’s better than ever and will continue to become faster and more intuitive with time. That’s all for now.

To all of our Shopify users, stay tuned for a big announcement 😀