We now support the ability for you to automatically collect your Instagram photos into Goodbits. This makes it super simple for you to re-use your content in your email marketing channel.

Connecting with Instagram is simple and easy. All you do is authorize Goodbits to connect to your account and we will automatically import the last 20 Instagram photos. The image and description is stored so that it is ready to use with our email components. New content will be fetched every day and will be ready in your Content Library.

You can add Instagram photos to emails in Goodbits a couple of ways. You can add it either as an Image component, which will preserve the image dimensions. Or use our Tabloid, Billboard or Article component which will allow you to add a title, text and button if you wish.

If you use a component that uses a different thumbnail dimensions, we allow you to zoom and move the image around to make sure it looks the best it can.

To better plan your content and get the most from Goodbits take a look at our Content Library. In the Library you can create collections and add content to them to plan future emails or topics you’d like.

Go ahead and give it a try and message us on support to tell us how it works for you.