In our first episode of Coffee Break, with Kalv, we talk about Customer Validation.

Learn some of the tools that will help engage your customers into conversations, tools we’ve tried and finally, our number one tip to receive loads of feedback from customers.

Take a coffee break and check out this 2 minute nugget of insight.

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A lot of people will tell you that email newsletters are a waste of time. It takes hours to find the content, to format it beautifully and once the emails are sent, to maintain an engaged subscriber list.

But email newsletters are not going anywhere. And, great content is everywhere. So let’s combine the two! 

Email marketing is hands down the best way to reach a targeted audience.

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We recently spoke with Tony Hue, Community Manager for Disqus, about how he builds weekly email newsletters for the company.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is the web’s most popular discussion platform. They power millions of communities on the web including NPR, IGN, and Wired.

If you’re unfamiliar with Disqus, take a quick scroll down and you’ll find them at the bottom of every blog post we create. They help readers add comments and create discussions! Continue reading »

We’re finding that more and more people these days are sending newsletters curated by teams, as opposed to just a single contributor — see Rails Weekly. Having more than one person contributing can diversify content and in turn, reach a bigger audience. Even after launching our team support, we still get requests for new integrations that allow teams to easily capture what is being read and discussed. One of these involves a favourite team collaboration tool of ours, Slack.



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If you’re a startup, you know how overwhelming it can be with all the data out there on best practices, people to follow, book suggestions and blogs to read. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to invest your time reading and digesting.

We get it, we’re a startup too. So we decided to share our top 5 newsletters to subscribe to that will get you up-to-speed and stay there. Continue reading »


1  conference attended 

The CTA conference was an action-packed day of engaging sessions where we listened to some of the best and brightest minds talk about conversion rate optimization and online marketing.

29  blog posts

Word. A lot of words!

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Merry Giftmas!

We reached out to 40+ marketing experts asking them for their #1 marketing tip and collected the best 24. Throughout the month of December, we’ve been tweeting and posting these tips on our Facebook feed, as a part of our advent calendar marketing campaign.

Our gift to you is the most delicious, almost-as-good-as-mashed-potatoes-&-gravy, marketing tips collected from some of our favorite friends. Continue reading »



If you have shelter from nature’s elements, heat to warm your body and food consistently in your belly, you are one of the fortunate ones.

We’re not all so lucky. In fact, Vancouver’s homeless has doubled from last year. So, besides the shelter and warmth, the most basic need of all, food, was a struggle to find day-to-day. Continue reading »



At Goodbits, we love to experiment with tools that help us manage day-to-day tasks and streamline processes that don’t need to be so manual.

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If you’re going to invest the time to create and curate an email newsletter to send to subscribers that want to hear from you, then read this list of best practices. These essential concepts will get your content read and shared. Continue reading »