We’ve been busy at work this summer listening to the Beach Boys and all your feedback about building newsletters with our service. We found that we need to slightly change how we’re doing things. We’re now going to provide you more power in collecting and curating content for your business with our most recent feature release.

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We love to save and share content at Goodbits — it’s kinda our thing! And we love to learn about easier, time-saving tips to make our lives and our customers’ lives easier to collect and curate content for their newsletters. So this is why we got so much delight from a recent blog post of one of our customers, Thomas, letting us in on a little IFTTT hack he uses to simplify his collection-process.

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Goodbits’ tagline is “Now Anyone Can Create Brilliant Emails in Minutes” but Thomas Kjemperud isn’t just anyone. At the age of 17, when most teenagers were playing Grand Theft Auto*, shooting, stealing and bleeding away their formative years, Thomas was starting his own company. This speaks volumes to how early the entrepreneurial seed was planted. Eight year later, it continues to grow and get cultivated (check out his rap sheet on Linkedin). Currently he is involved in the startup scene, worldwide, but particularly enjoys spending time in the San Francisco Bay Area, learning from proven serial entrepreneurs. In between all that, Thomas (TK) curates a weekly newsletter called Startup Letters.

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We’ve been busy tinkering away on Goodbits to make it even easier to compile great content and ship it to your subscriber’s inboxes.

A huge win this week is the ability to preview how your newsletter will look on smaller-screened devices:

Goodbits w/ Mobile Preview

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Derek Shanahan is a boss — the Director of Marketing at Playerize and the creator of their weekly newsletter SuperRewards. His job is to grow the publisher side of the business, which means a heavy focus on helping developers and game makers grow both audience and revenue. One of the easiest ways to reach a huge audience is to build brilliant newsletters, with the help of Goodbits. Read further to learn Derek’s (DS) secrets for collecting relevant content and publishing Playerize’s weekly newsletter, SuperRewards.

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We want to make it easy for people to collect the content they want to share when they read what is relevant.

This is why we released our Chrome extension when we first let others use Goodbits. The feedback on this extension we’ve been getting has been great.

Safari and Firefox Image

Today we have some good news for Firefox & Safari users, they too can have the power of our browser extension.

If you use Firefox or Safari go ahead and install one of our browser extensions.

Intall Safari extension     Install Firefox Add-on


There are two sides to sharing content online: there’s the act of curating information, and then there’s the dissemination of that information to an audience. Couple that with multiple social networks and the unique audiences that many individuals, community managers or otherwise, are managing and we are at risk of never getting anything else done.

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